Pixicat: The Dark Skirt, only 50L for Fifty Linden Friday. 
Only 50L til 11.59pm Friday so you better ruuuuunnnn!

Pixicat for Atelier Kreslo’s Donuts Festival!
Available 13th July, at noon SLT. 
Get some donuts in ya!

Cos pixicat-sl was super cute in this photo, I plop it on the cover. :D
Read it here!
Out now for FLF
TREMPE at SL11B (Post-59625)" from "TREMPE Blog" has been published on [O.L.D.] Old London Docks Best Feeds.

SL11B [June 22-29th 2014]
“The empires of the future are empires of the mind” – Winston Churchill TREMPE is proud to announce our participation in SL community celebration SL11B. SL11B promises to be a fun filled event packed with exhibits, music, conversation, debate, firework displays, games, puzzles and much more, from across the SL community. This event will run for seven days over 11 sims.
Surrendering Fashion to the fantasy of the mind, TREMPE pushes boundaries, bridging the gap between fashion and art. Inspired by a Midsummers Night’s dream, TREMPE has teamed innovative thought provoking concepts, with progressive design houses, 22769, Bare Rose, David Heather, Gizza, Loovus Dzvavor, LpD, Miamai, Pixicat, Purplemoon, sYs Design, The Annex, and ValentiaE. Join us on 28th of June at 6pm and 7pm SLT, as we escape the past and explore the future.  Model and Photographer: Dantelicia Ethaniel The post TREMPE at SL11B appeared first on TREMPE.

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